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In praise of selfies

I love selfies. For so many little reasons. I love feeling like I just got a glimpse into someone’s inner world. Sometimes even into someone’s intimate […]

Why “never look back” is damaging

“The past is in the past.” “Don’t look behind you, the past has nothing more to teach you.” Memes with similar messaging are everywhere. Encouraging us […]

Why I embrace my triggers

“Trigger warnings” don so many posts on the internet these days. Which I believe shows a real upsurge in compassion and understanding of what others’ have […]

Why you need a coach.

I used to have this idea that in order to be strong and independent, I had to rely solely on me. It felt like admitting defeat, […]

I’m calling for a revolution.

I’m calling for a revolution.   I’m calling for a revolution in the way we see ourselves as more than parts and pieces stitched together in […]
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I finally feel safe. Closing the chapter on my victimhood.

“I am safe” is something many survivors teach themselves to say. I have been repeating this mantra to myself for years though often not feeling it. […]

Where I find inspiration: Without “copying” others

I’m getting a lot more questions about how I do my work. Questions like: How do you prepare for speaking engagements? How did you get started […]

Is nudity empowering?

There is something specific about the intimacy of naked. It’s raw, real and transparent. When you stand before another in only your skin, there is no […]

“Mommy, I don’t want US to be afraid of anything.”

One year ago I met Jen Sinkler. We were old friends in mere moments and planning our next adventure together. I had just heard of the […]

Adventure as an alternative to weight loss

We’re so engrained in the thinking that we should all be losing weight, that to offer an alternative seems blasphemous. It is nearly always met with […]

Raising a girl as a rape survivor

Yesterday my local paper published a short article about police stopping two separate groups of college aged men carrying unconscious women back to their homes. In […]

5 things I will not teach my daughter about motherhood

There seems to be a list of unwritten rules that mothers are supposed to follow. We find evidence of them in anecdotes, common phrases and general […]