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(Gasp) I’m a Mom who’s not good at everything

  I loved having a baby. Her constant snuggles while sometimes left me feeling “touched out,” gave me new life. I remember feeling relieved when I […]

Hello from the other side

It started like any other appointment with my body worker. Sometimes I have a profound experience with her and sometimes it’s a lovely tune up. When my […]
Big thighs, big dreams, 2016.

Revolution evolution. 4 things I don’t do when I set goals, and what you might do instead.

It may surprise you that I make new year’s resolutions. I do. I love evolution, introspection and deliberate growth. And I love any excuse to do […]

Manifesting and going with the flow

For a cynic, the language around “manifesting” sounds a little ridiculous. You just think of something and then you get to have it? If you need […]

The war on girl’s bodies

I was driving by my jr. high the other day and for the first time instead of reminiscing about my own experience there, I leapt forward in […]

4 reasons to start lifting weights (that maybe you haven’t heard before).

The traditional run down of why one “should” lift weights really reads like a bunch of “should.” It increases metabolism and builds bone density. There is […]

Starting out in the weight room

When I first set foot in the gym I was feeling pretty confident overall. I had been taking better care of myself than ever in my life, […]

F$ck Fear: The Number One Way To Build Body Confidence

I’ve been a personal trainer since 2008, and if there’s one lift I’ve seen make the biggest difference in a client’s life, it’s the deadlift. It’s […]

Tis the season (I begin thoughtfully managing seasonal depression).

Today was my kiddo’s first day back to school after Thanksgiving break. I woke up completely exhausted with an upset stomach. I tried to imagine myself […]

In praise of selfies

I love selfies. For so many little reasons. I love feeling like I just got a glimpse into someone’s inner world. Sometimes even into someone’s intimate […]

Why “never look back” is damaging

“The past is in the past.” “Don’t look behind you, the past has nothing more to teach you.” Memes with similar messaging are everywhere. Encouraging us […]

Why I embrace my triggers

“Trigger warnings” don so many posts on the internet these days. Which I believe shows a real upsurge in compassion and understanding of what others’ have […]