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a 21 day practice for finding a home and peace in your skin



I am available for speaking on topics around body image, fitness and health. There is a lot of work to do. Most of us hate our bodies. We don’t treat them with respect.


I love to talk with personal trainers/wellness coaches and any sort of practitioner who’s job should entail empowering people in their bodies.


Distance training is one of my more popular programs. It allows folks in the area as well as far away to get the benefit of workouts, nutrition goals and constant support.

Group Training

Seasonally I put together group fitness classes that usually involve strength training and cardio for a total body overhaul.

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This is actually the year before I went to high school. I had quit all sports at that point.

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Recently there was a bit of a “come to Jesus” had with me.  I don’t share others’ details, but I do share my own.  The jist? […]