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5 things I quit caring about

The best part about getting older is how much more energy I feel I have to devote to things I care about. My values become clearer […]

Presence: the anti-dote of FOMO

One of the awesome things about this work is the other women I find myself connected to. Women who are powerhouses in their own right, taking […]

Taking an awesome selfie

I have often extolled my love of selfies. I don’t personally subscribe to the thinking that self-portraits are all about vanity. In fact, I’m much more […]

I tried the thinx period underwear- total convert

Somewhere around hitting 30, I rather suddenly became uncomfortable with putting bleached cotton inside of myself. I started researching alternatives and nothing sounded awesome, honestly. I […]

You are not broken, but you deserve healing.

For much of my life I felt broken. Like something (everything) about me was totally wrong. My body was wrong. My words were wrong. My choices […]

10 Summer goals (that aren’t weight loss)

Want to lose weight? Super. Really, do whatever you want to with your body. That’s all up to you. But we hear so much about weight […]
Neutral tops

Life simplified: A minimal wardrobe

In my effort to switch my winter closet to spring and summer clothes, I jumped down a rabbit hole. Sorry not sorry. I get obsessed with […]

How I became a masturbation evangelist

It was the summer after freshman year. I had recently broken up with my high school boyfriend. Perhaps that was why the wild hair. Maybe it […]

(Gasp) I’m a Mom who’s not good at everything

  I loved having a baby. Her constant snuggles while sometimes left me feeling “touched out,” gave me new life. I remember feeling relieved when I […]

Hello from the other side

It started like any other appointment with my body worker. Sometimes I have a profound experience with her and sometimes it’s a lovely tune up. When my […]
Big thighs, big dreams, 2016.

Revolution evolution. 4 things I don’t do when I set goals, and what you might do instead.

It may surprise you that I make new year’s resolutions. I do. I love evolution, introspection and deliberate growth. And I love any excuse to do […]

Manifesting and going with the flow

For a cynic, the language around “manifesting” sounds a little ridiculous. You just think of something and then you get to have it? If you need […]