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Is nudity empowering?

There is something specific about the intimacy of naked. It’s raw, real and transparent. When you stand before another in only your skin, there is no […]

“Mommy, I don’t want US to be afraid of anything.”

One year ago I met Jen Sinkler. We were old friends in mere moments and planning our next adventure together. I had just heard of the […]

Adventure as an alternative to weight loss

We’re so engrained in the thinking that we should all be losing weight, that to offer an alternative seems blasphemous. It is nearly always met with […]

Raising a girl as a rape survivor

Yesterday my local paper published a short article about police stopping two separate groups of college aged men carrying unconscious women back to their homes. In […]

5 things I will not teach my daughter about motherhood

There seems to be a list of unwritten rules that mothers are supposed to follow. We find evidence of them in anecdotes, common phrases and general […]
Can't wait to have more conversations like this at the retreat.

Playing victim vs. choosing love

When someone “wrongs” me my knee jerk reaction is to become a victim. In my younger years I would call a friend and break down every […]
Can't wait to have more conversations like this at the retreat.

Dear cat caller,

Dear man on the street who harassed me today, I can imagine your response to my plea to be left alone. “Haven’t we all gotten a little […]
Can't wait to have more conversations like this at the retreat.

I didn’t think I’d ever be a grown up.

Yesterday I walked into a bank to apply for a mortgage. I wore a twirly dress and shoes that make me walk tall. I can hardly […]

4 tips that keep me running

When I used to think about running, I pictured a meme girl. She’s got a perfect pony tail, her sports bra matches her shoe laces and […]

The only things you should post on social media.

I read these things all the time. The top 10 worst “facebook offenders,” “5 things we’re sick of seeing on instagram,” and on and on. I […]

I lost 100lbs. I gained weight back. I never failed.

I honestly cannot tell you how much I weigh today. When we moved into our home in March, I didn’t bring the scale. It wasn’t a […]

10 things I do when I feel a funk coming on.

It started out as “one of those days.” I was standing in my yard watching my dog pee when my neighbor politely asked how it was […]