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a 21 day practice for finding a home and peace in your skin



I am available for speaking on topics around body image, fitness and health. There is a lot of work to do. Most of us hate our bodies. We don’t treat them with respect.


I love to talk with personal trainers/wellness coaches and any sort of practitioner who’s job should entail empowering people in their bodies.


Distance training is one of my more popular programs. It allows folks in the area as well as far away to get the benefit of workouts, nutrition goals and constant support.

Group Training

Seasonally I put together group fitness classes that usually involve strength training and cardio for a total body overhaul.

Recent Blog Posts

I remember this photo so well. I was 13 and consumed at the time with the notion that I was going to die of some terrible disease because of my assault. I spent most of the holiday sitting on this swing hoping someone would come to talk to me about it. I felt very alone.

The day I forgave my abuser.

When I think back to the child I was then, I feel so much compassion for her. I didn’t think of myself as a child then. […]

I can’t believe I’m writing about supplements

I get emails regularly from supplement companies. They want me to review a product, become a direct distributor or work as an affiliate. I’ve never been […]

What’s up with feminism?

I want to talk about this. But to start, I want you to know that I am not interested as an activist or as a human […]

How I set boundaries on the internet.

It’s late. My bedtime routine that I have so carefully crafted is long overdue. But when I get a bug in my ear about something I […]

I dropped out of college. The success story.

My college experience was both inspired and rocky. I had long bouts of depression where I hardly left my room. I slept through presentations and truly […]

Marriage is hard: Why I do it anyway

I didn’t necessarily aspire to be married. Neurotically obsess over why “no one wanted me?” Occasionally present as a “crazy ex-girlfriend” due to overwhelming belief I […]

Being a good woman: The definitive guide to wearing make-up

Last week I wrote a piece about exploring my own relationship with make-up. I could tell I hit on something because the responses were varied and […]

Does make-up make Mommy beautiful?

The first time I put on make-up in front of my daughter she was just a few days old. She was lying there like a tiny […]

Love and “obligation” (why I shaved half my head).

“Are you shaving your head too?” This question kept popping up as I explained my upcoming trip to people in my life. I was heading to […]

9 lessons that helped me stop dreading my life.

On a recent weekday morning I woke up with a distinctly different feeling in my body than I can ever recall experiencing. I habitually began my […]

The slim down syndrome

This past fall I made plans to attend the Women’s Radiance Retreat in Venice beach. I had just finished having lunch with my husband where I was […]
Get it? Poison? Im hilarious.

Chemical cleanse

So my best friend has cancer.  This fact changed so many things. What there is to complain about. How old I think I am. How much I […]