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Can't wait to have more conversations like this at the retreat.

Dear cat caller,

Dear man on the street who harassed me today, I can imagine your response to my plea to be left alone. “Haven’t we all gotten a little […]
Can't wait to have more conversations like this at the retreat.

I didn’t think I’d ever be a grown up.

Yesterday I walked into a bank to apply for a mortgage. I wore a twirly dress and shoes that make me walk tall. I can hardly […]

4 tips that keep me running

When I used to think about running, I pictured a meme girl. She’s got a perfect pony tail, her sports bra matches her shoe laces and […]

The only things you should post on social media.

I read these things all the time. The top 10 worst “facebook offenders,” “5 things we’re sick of seeing on instagram,” and on and on. I […]

I lost 100lbs. I gained weight back. I never failed.

I honestly cannot tell you how much I weigh today. When we moved into our home in March, I didn’t bring the scale. It wasn’t a […]

10 things I do when I feel a funk coming on.

It started out as “one of those days.” I was standing in my yard watching my dog pee when my neighbor politely asked how it was […]

Transforming shame

I don’t know a single human who hasn’t experienced shame. It’s such a tough emotion because for me it feels immobilizing. It feels like stuck. The […]
Me with my baby sister at 5 years old.

Childhood sexual assault. What I know now.

I will not comment on others’ stories. But I will stand in my own truth. 1. Silence isn’t golden. Whenever I speak about my own abuse, […]

A crash course on consent

Whenever a rape allegation makes headlines, journalists and on-lookers alike go in search of “evidence” of consent. Usually the over-arching message is “Well, it’s murky here.” […]

Is judgement human nature?

I talk a lot about judgement. I do this because I truly believe the way we judge others bears a direct correlation to the ways we […]

Summer goal: present parenting

It’s my first summer at home with my kiddo. While I have been her primary care giver for her whole life, making that happen has involved […]

On being a Mrs.

When I met my husband, he was a big deal. He wouldn’t say that, he’s a humble guy. But I’ll shout it from the rooftops. Not […]