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A short history of violations to my consent

Content warning: Explicit sexual violence The first list: When I was in kindergarten a much older boy who I thought was my friend told me about […]

How confidence works (in my head)

It dawned on me today that the fact that confidence feels a bit like a roller coaster to me is a win in itself. For decades […]

What sucks about being an ally (and why it doesn’t matter)

I have both luckily and purposefully not lived a homogenous life. Learning about injustices others face that I don’t has almost always come from first hand […]

Summer training plans for everyone

When I was a personal trainer, I spent hours designing programs for myself and others. Hours on hours on hours. These days I prefer following someone […]

What happened when I told my 7 year old about my rape

I started writing Letters to Lola when I was pregnant. I wanted to have my stories, my advice, my words all written down long before we […]

Gaining weight, losing weight & living my values.

Once upon a time I lost 100 pounds. I worked hard to get there. Was mindful of everything I put in my mouth. Worked out with […]

5 things I quit caring about

The best part about getting older is how much more energy I feel I have to devote to things I care about. My values become clearer […]

Presence: the anti-dote of FOMO

One of the awesome things about this work is the other women I find myself connected to. Women who are powerhouses in their own right, taking […]

Taking an awesome selfie

I have often extolled my love of selfies. I don’t personally subscribe to the thinking that self-portraits are all about vanity. In fact, I’m much more […]

I tried the thinx period underwear- total convert

Somewhere around hitting 30, I rather suddenly became uncomfortable with putting bleached cotton inside of myself. I started researching alternatives and nothing sounded awesome, honestly. I […]

You are not broken, but you deserve healing.

For much of my life I felt broken. Like something (everything) about me was totally wrong. My body was wrong. My words were wrong. My choices […]

10 Summer goals (that aren’t weight loss)

Want to lose weight? Super. Really, do whatever you want to with your body. That’s all up to you. But we hear so much about weight […]