Erin Brown is an engaging and powerful speaker who will challenge the way you think about taking up space in this world. Her dynamic delivery draws you in, and her message remains with you even after the words have ended. Erin's work is both informative and empowering, and will resonate with any woman struggling to accept herself "as is."
I can't wait for our next session! I work in the wellness industry and love what I do. I coach women to success and help them build at-home businesses. In the past three years, I have read about 200 books on personal development and been able to radically change my life in a positive way, yet, I needed more one-on-one guidance. I reached out to Jack Canfield's people, and other business coaches promising to provide structure. Knowing I would be shelling out thousands of dollars of my hard earned money to be coached by these gurus, I made sure to have questions ready to know exactly how I would be helped. As intelligent and passionate as each coach was, something told me to keep searching. While randomly on Erin's blog one day (I've followed now for a couple years), I came across where she does a 1:1 private session. I was intrigued, and a bit surprised at her pricing, to be honest; I would have been happy to give so much more just from the insight I've gained from her posts! I scheduled a session. Tony Robbins says, "Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers." It wasn't that Erin gave me a step-by-step, detailed outline of how to improve every area of my life... That wasn't what I needed, and to be honest, would have been quite overwhelming. Erin first took the time to know me, and as I told her where I needed guidance, she did what nobody else had done: She asked the right questions. Questions I hadn't previously entertained, but powerful questions that opened my mind to a new realm of possibility. Creative ideas I hadn't even considered were now on the table. It was if doors opened, and I gained so much clarity. Erin's guidance and information was invaluable to my inner wellbeing, and also, my career. Simple, yet powerful - that's Erin.
- J. Naikoi
"Whenever I have a problem, I call Erin Brown. I’ve been in therapy for seven years, do a lot of mindset and perspective work with my clients, and have a strong mindset practice of my own. However, just speaking with Erin for a few minutes grounds me and gives me the clarity I need to see situations for what they are (not what I've sometimes made them out to be in my head) and helps me make decision that are best for me, my relationships, and my business. Erin knows exactly what questions to ask me to help guide me to answers that were within me all along. She holds my feet to the fire in the most loving way possible, and she knows exactly how to do so in a way leaves me wide open to see where I need to take responsibility in my life. Erin also helps me learn how to take care of myself, so I can take better care of others. I treasure the time that I get to spend talking with Erin.”
Molly Galbraith owner, Girls Gone Strong. Lexington, KY
Erin Brown has come to Van Go, Inc. on multiple occasions to speak to the youth (ages 14-21) in our job training program as part of our "Go Healthy" component, and I keep asking her to come back. She's able to describe her personal journey growing up struggling with issues related to body image in a way that's witty, enlightening, humorous, and inspirational. Her positive message is critical for youth who are searching for an emotionally healthier outlook to combat those provided across so many forms of media today. And, she was able to motivate us all to join her in a fifteen minute workout!
Jeff Stolz, LMSW Van Go, Social Worker
(On "As Is") I was never an athlete, never an exerciser, never a mindful eater, until I followed the principles outlined in this book. I used to think that all of these things were meant to bring me a perfect body and there was no reason to do them if they didn't result in the body look I thought I should have. "As Is" changes that mindset and helps you to love your body. Completely. Right now. As is. When I started to love my body and decided to make changes like eating mindfully, starting to exercise more, and then starting to run (something I had never done before in my life) so that I could FEEL better, a nice side effect was my body did get into shape and I became healthier. But by the end, that wasn't the main point. "As Is" is like the makeover for your mind, bringing you to a place of happiness and peace. I didn't realize I needed that more than I needed the physical health. Please share this with all of the women in your life. Giving the gift of love for yourself is the best gift you could ever give them. And it shows them that you love them - "as is."
Krystal Vokins, Attorney Lawrence, KS
When I ran into Erin after her transformation I was amazed and inspired. Seeing her validated my own goals, struggles and self-worth. Her willingness to offer advice, anecdotes and acceptance has put me back on track more than she can possibly know.
Tracy Hull, Child Advocate; Kansas City, MO
(On "As Is") If you're a woman you want to buy this book. If you aren't a woman, but know one, you should buy this book for them. I don't usually gush about products (I'm an engineer - it's against my nature), but I am happy to do so about this book. The unfortunate reality is that most women suffer from some level of self-esteem issues. Yes, even the ones who seem to be really confident. In fact maybe using "most" in that sentence is optimistic. This book is so great at helping to look at and even address that self-perception. I honestly can't imagine anyone not being happier for having read this book.
Elsbeth Vaino, Master Trainer at Custom Strength Ottawa, Ontario
(On "As Is") No matter how you feel about your body, there's something useful in this book for every woman -- actual scripts for improving the way we talk to ourselves, and for changing the collective conversation about women's bodies. Not long after I sent the book to a friend, she texted me that one of the tools was "changing her life." Read it. Share it. Potentially change a woman's life.
Dr. Chandra Erdman, Statistician Washington, DC
Erin’s willingness to share both her vulnerability and her power publicly has given this generation the permission and tools to shine a light on our own. As a coach, she is able to offer guidance, perspective, and clarity in self-care practices, motherhood, writing, business, and connection with the earth, each other, and ourselves. I find myself telling her hard truths often, because I know that her support comes from love and authenticity, and never judgment. There is something incredibly powerful about having a coach who does the work that Erin does, a freedom to be myself and tell my truths in a way I never have in a mentoring relationship before. I value the time I have with her immensely. Erin has been an integral part of my personal and professional growth since discovering her work, and she truly walks her talk in real life.
Amber Mikaelsson Rural Rebel Mama Inc. Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition: ISSA