I take seriously a spot on the mic. I regularly speak about women and autonomy, healing, body image, abuse, empowerment and worth. Most of us hate our bodies. We don't live in them peacefully which effects more than how we feel in the mirror. For some of that is due to abuse at the hands of others, and most of us from abuse endured at our own hands. We can live in our bodies in peaceful and even powerful ways. We can address our feelings honestly and work to heal old wounds by looking at them. The undoing comes first in acknowledgement. I love being a part of that process.

I Am Power Retreat

This event is a collaboration with Jennie Trower (Austin) and Jarrett Arthur (LA). We address women and personal power from a variety of angles. Unsurprisingly, my wheelhouse is feelings. Owning your voice, your space, your emotional body. Setting powerful emotional boundaries and honoring your own needs. Jarrett and Jennie address physical power, teaching practical and powerful self-defense skills. It's vulnerable work that has been tremendously healing for myself and those who have attended. It's an annual, transformative event. More info at www.iampowerretreat.com