I am available for speaking on topics around body image, fitness and health. There is a lot of work to do. Most of us hate our bodies. We don't treat them with respect. We then feel guilty and beat ourselves up. We have notions in our heads about what perfection would look like, and how happy we would be if we obtained it. Having been on "both sides" of that pursuit I have a lot to share. Our bodies are not the enemy. Happiness is not on the other side of the weight loss rainbow. And being empowered in your life and in your skin are work of their own. That work inspires mine. I primarily speak to women's groups and conferences, as a keynote as well as for breakout sessions.


I love to talk with personal trainers/wellness coaches and any sort of practitioner who's job should entail empowering people in their bodies. I had an extremely difficult time finding a trainer who didn't talk down to me when I was obese, who didn't say overtly judgmental things about my body or who seemed to empathize at all with where I was coming from. There are specific methods for working with people and their bodies that are empowering instead of demeaning. And in my experience most of the latter is unintentional. My years of social work practice, counseling and personal training have provided me with a lot of knowledge on effective communication and empowerment around these difficult subjects. I love to share.