Start where you are at. A lesson I’m re-learning.

I have never needed to be the best.  I remember taking debate in high school and doing really well.  My partner and I won novice state.  […]

Notes on being a bad ass: women and weights pt. 1

Women typically don’t lift weights.  Okay let’s be real, American’s don’t typically exercise…  but often women who do are afraid of weights.  And by weights I […]

Ms. New Booty

Some people remember when they heard Elvis or the Beatles for the first time.  For me, it was Sir Mix A lot.  Not because of his […]

Scary new things

I’ve always said I don’t like being comfortable.  The thought process being that it is usually upon getting outside of one’s comfort zone that you are […]

go small or stay home

When I first started getting serious about exercise I worked out everyday, as much as I could find time for. When I began to see changes […]

take it outside

It’s summertime!  And if you’re like me you are sick and tired of being cooped up indoors with all the snow we had this winter.  So […]

But I don’t wanna…

Let me be clear in saying I have been fat my entire life.  I have occasionally lost weight only gain it again.  My peak athletic performances until recently […]