Presence: the anti-dote of FOMO

One of the awesome things about this work is the other women I find myself connected to. Women who are powerhouses in their own right, taking […]

Where does my time go?

Being self-employed full time is new to me. I’m easing into it and experimenting with how this is all going to work. I’ve been doing this […]

What I “really” look like, a perfectly healthy body in more and less flattering photos

  I’m a beautiful woman.  Sorry I’m not sorry if that is off-putting.  I believe I am a beautiful woman and that is important to me.  […]

So apparently I’m an emotional eater

Unless you’ve been living under a rock where Oprah’s show topics don’t come into your consciousness, you’ve heard the term “emotional eating.”  It, however, has never […]

Start where you are at. A lesson I’m re-learning.

I have never needed to be the best.  I remember taking debate in high school and doing really well.  My partner and I won novice state.  […]

The trouble with hating the media (women and body bashing)

Hopefully it isn’t shocking news to you that images of women in the media are overwhelmingly edited.  Thighs are slimmed.  Muscles removed.  Muscles added (depending on […]

How I manage depression with exercise.

I have a history of depression.  We’ll go ahead and add this to the list of things I disclose here that while I’m not at all […]

Me, the scale, and how I said “screw it.”

When I started this “journey” my goal was to teach my child by example how to live a healthy life and have a positive relationship with […]

Finding your happy weight

Most women I come across have a weight ideal somewhere between 120 and 150 depending on their body type and height.  Some just want to feel […]

6 ways you are already screwing up your new resolutions.

  Ok, so sometimes I have harsh titles.  But it makes you fucking look.  Perhaps you are not one of these people.  If you are I […]

A recovering anorexic responds to model bashing

Note from Mama: I didn’t write about the Victoria’s Secret models because I am solely an advocate for thinness and thin people.  I wrote about it […]


Like what I did there? I think I’m clever. Recently I asked on facebook what you all struggle with and overwhelmingly the response was about finding […]

Lessons learned in the boys club

It wasn’t that long ago that I walked by the weight room at the gym wishing I could go in there.  No, there was no “No […]

Healthy eating doesn’t have to suck

I always feel a little sad for people who tell me they are on a diet, showing me evidence in their big salad with no interesting […]

How to deal with everyone else

As long as you make similar choices to those around you, it is likely no one will have anything to say about your health.  In college, when […]