I believe in order to lose weight for good you have to make lifestyle changes that can be overwhelming.   I believe in living a full healthy life that includes being comfortable in your skin, eating real foods you enjoy and finding joy in improving your fitness level.

It is my belief that by removing the focus on the scale or restrictive eating you can begin to experience and appreciate differences in your body and mind; a process through which your shape will also transform!  I recognize that some of the largest barriers to health and wellness are in our minds and in order to make lasting changes these must be addressed as well.  Through public speaking, writing and social media platforms I offer a different perspective on health and fitness, all about starting from within.  I have found that so many people approach their health with an all or nothing attitude and from a place of complete self-disgust.  I have seen huge changes in how people stick to their goals and find happiness with their bodies and their lives when approaching lifestyle change with patience and love.

I believe we need to spend more time discovering health habits that makes us feel good and less time tugging at body fat in the mirror.  I believe that while some people who enjoy fitness as a hobby may be inspired by the “no excuses” mentality of the fitness industry, many people need a softer approach, one that honors themselves instead of a constant quest to “fix” themselves.