Erin Brown is a writer, speaker & activist whose work focuses on women, healing and autonomy. She utilizes authentic narrative to promote empathy and compassion toward ourselves and others. She is a feminist, an intuitive, a firm believer in radical self-care and a coach. Unafraid to be big, in presence or in thighs.


In her words:

I believe in feeling things deeply and acknowledging all of what our bodies tell us.

I believe in caring for myself because I deserve great care, dropping the narrative about “so I can care for others,” but simply because I matter.

I believe in healing. I believe it comes from a raw look at who we have been and who we can become. Honesty.

As a mother, I feel compelled to seek my own healing. That what I don’t heal or refuse to look at, I pass on. This started with a hard look at my own self-hatred and has blossomed into so much more introspective work.

I am terrible at small talk and details. I’m all big ideas and feelings.

I believe in tough conversations, honesty and not shrinking even when my voice quivers. I believe in being willing to be wrong and standing up for what’s right. I believe in listening with a full heart, especially to narratives different than my own.

I believe in honoring my personal power, my voice, my autonomy, and in taking seriously what I add to the conversation. Both in this public space and in my life. Culture doesn’t change without owning our own shit.

I believe in the power of personal narrative and so much of my work begins there. When we are vulnerable and share our own stories we provide others with the permission to do the same.

I am more grounded and emotionally equipt at this stage in my life than ever before. I hope that on-going and deliberate evolution is always the case. Even when it’s really freaking hard.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I speak authentically as me. And I aim to always pass the mic when it’s not my story to tell.


A spoken word sampling. Some language in this piece NSFW.