This business is a result of overcoming a lifelong struggle with obesity and it’s accompanying body image/self esteem issues. On the other side I have found a passion for health and wellness that I feel compelled to share with others and help them find for themselves.

This is truly the answer to the career day question “What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about money?” as well as the greater charge to “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

It started as a personal training business with an accompanying blog but has evolved to be more about the message of self-love than about the actual training. As the facebook page grew and the emails came flowing in, it became clear to me that where I was needed more than the weight room was in the body image front lines.

What started as a blog for a personal trainer has become a website, social media platform and upcoming book centered around living healthy and feeling good in your skin. What I already knew, that women overwhelmingly struggle with what they see in the mirror and the messages they give themselves about that, became an overwhelming plea for help.

I’ve been listening to women my whole life talk about how they feel about their bodies both in overt and covert ways. That conversation shaped the way I felt about my own. I want to help change that conversation. To help women feel worthy, beautiful and powerful instead of always “not enough.” I want my daughter to grow up surrounded by women who don’t devalue any part of themselves as unimportant or wrong. I want to inspire women to live their best lives and not burdened with a need to chase an ever-changing ideal.

I think we deserve better than the majority of the body-shaming the majority of the fitness and health industry deals us. So I write, speak and social media my little heart out to that end.

Erin Brown Facts

  • I grew up in: Lawrence, Kan.
  • I have lived in: Lincoln, Nebr., Vaxjo, Sweden, Kansas City, Mo. and presently, Lawrence, Kan. (there’s no place like home!)
  • I have traveled to: Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Sweden, Norway, Copenhagen, Netherlands, France, Italy (study abroad and backpacking in college.)
  • My favorite restaurant is: La Familia in Lawrence, (Hello enchiladas!)
  • I have an amazing husband (yes, he loved me even before my weight loss), we met through friends 7+ years ago and my life has never been the same.
  • I have a five-year-old daughter, Lola, who is my No. 1 inspiration and motivation. She enjoys Wonder Woman, Prince, and telling people to do squats. (No joke!)
  • I studied social work and minority studies at Nebraska Wesleyan University. I never thought I would miss Nebraska or school but I sometimes do.
  • I have 10+ years experience in social work in many capacities, primarily doing behavior modification with adolescent girls and their families.
  • If I can get a teenage girl to make a good choice she didn’t want to make, I can do just about anything.
  • Yes, I am a personal trainer. But what really makes me qualified is my personal experience and passion for helping people. I have currently stopped taking new clients to further my focus on writing and speaking engagements.
  • The highlight of my athletic accomplishments before I had Lola was playing basketball in Jr. High. I stole the ball, made a perfect layup and only figured out after my solo victory dance that I was on the wrong end of the court.
  • I currently work 4 jobs not including, you know, domestic goddess. It's hectic but I love everything I do. Hopefully one day I can widdle it down to just this. That's the goal!
  • I have a real love for 90s music in general and hip hop in particular. My music taste is more inclusive but I have yet to find a day that the aforementioned doesn’t hit the spot.
  • When I met my husband I may have stretched the truth about my cooking abilities and though they have vastly improved, there is a running list of things I am “never allowed to make again.”
  • If you haven’t deduced this yet, I am a downright enjoyable lady.
  • Your Mom would probably like me.